With all of that black in my closet, I think sometimes it is hard to give something back’


'Met al dat zwart in mijn kast vind ik soms moeilijk iets terug'

Christa Reniers

Jewelry designer Christa Reniers’s, after a disagreement over the use of its name in return. They want to re-focus on her in the year 2000, successfully created a silver jewellery at affordable prices. And her style secrets.

What has recently been your best purchase lately?

“A number of black wikkelkleedjes from Filippa K. yes, I have bits and pieces in new jersey. If there’s no stretch in it, I’ll do it, and it continues to be in the best place.’

What item will you never throw away?

“A knee-length, black wool cardigan with a zipper from Martin Margiela. The long zipper in the ten years the second time, replaced.’

What was your first designerstuk?

‘Jacket from Ann Demeulemeester. Bought it in the late 80’s when a prototypeverkoop in the studio from Ann Demeulemeester. It was at the top in black, bottom in blue). The blue part at the bottom was after it for a while, full of holes, courtesy of my cats.’

What color is the most commonly in your wardrobe?

In black, the second blue. The problem with black is that I am quite often a particular item of clothing difficult to find in the cupboard.’

The most valuable of all stijltip?

“I don’t think I have ever had in a stijltip have been given by someone else. I couldn’t listen to it, I’m doing my own thing.’

Who is your biggest style icon?

“The French Michèle Lamy, a partner, and the muse of American designer, Rick Owens, and I think it’s always interesting to look like.”

What has been your biggest modeblunder?

A ” permanent age. I have chills still when I take pictures of it when terugzie.’

Who is your favorite designer?

“I know that I can always find something to my liking, it will be found at the Ann Demeulemeester, Martin Margiela and Rick Owens. If I had the budget to do so. They are not creations, as there are a dime a dozen to do.”

What is your favorite clothing store or fashion place?

“I’m more than happy to visit the numerous second-hand shops in Brussels, such as the Think Twice and Episode. Always exciting.”

What clothing will we find?

‘Something white’. It is the most impractical colour there is. The white is immediately to the dirt, and fading fast.”