The global CO2-emissions and has the fastest growth rate in seven years


Wereldwijde CO2-uitstoot kent snelste groei in zeven jaar

There are many more wind turbines have been introduced, but the increasing demand will not keep up with it.

Note, because of last year is exceptionally hot and cold days, the global demand for energy, many grown at a faster pace than the production of electricity from renewable energy.

The global CO2 emissions, and had, last year, the strongest increase since the 2010-2011 season. This increase is a result of the rapidly increasing demand for energy, which is also in the last year and a 2.9 per cent increase. This means that the world is currently completely out of stock price to the global warming of the earth, far below the 2 ° c threshold, such as four years ago, nearly 200 nations agreed to in the climate deal in Paris.

The increase in CO2 emissions, according to an annual energierapport of a commodity company, BP, that is, yesterday, it was suggested, and is in line with the findings of the International energy agency earlier this year, has been published. China, India and the US, alone, were, together, account for two-thirds of the extra demand for energy.

The more air-conditioning units

“As society is becoming more and more concerned about climate change and the need for measures to grow the country’s energy demand and CO2 emissions, and at the fastest pace in many years,” said Spencer Dale, the chief economist of BP, yesterday at a briefing in London.

Curiously, it is precisely the volatile weather conditions that may be linked to the changing climate – that is, the demand for energy strong tail wind to give. An increase in the number of days you are either exceptionally cold or exceptionally hot, the energy demand for heating and air conditioning systems, to increase, according to the encyclopaedia britannica.

That is, the consumption of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, with a 15 per cent increase can be used as a point of light to be seen, but it is overshadowed by the fact that production of electricity from coal – the most CO2 emissions – are also still on the rise. With the increase in use of renewable energy can still provide the fast-growing energy demand will not keep up with it, let alone the use of fossil fuels and to reduce.