The confidence of the Flemish people in the news continues to be high (except in the case of young people)


Vertrouwen van Vlaming in nieuws blijft hoog (behalve bij jongeren)

61 per cent of the Flemish news consumers were older than 35 years of trust in the news

The trust, in the news, it stays in Belgium are relatively high in comparison with other countries. 61 per cent of the Flemish news consumers were older than 35 years of age, to trust the news. There are, however, regional differences: for example, it is the faith, in Flanders, is much higher than in the walloon region. As well as between older and younger people, there are significant differences. This is evident from the annual Digital News Report the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

The annual survey covers 38 countries all over the world. For Belgium, in February, 2.075, respondents were asked.

‘It would be to trust in the traditional nieuwsmerken, which is the public broadcaster in Flanders, says the internet key exchange (Ike Picone, professor of Media and Journalism at the Free University of Brussels, belgium. In comparison with other countries, as opposed to some perceptions, there is also a little to the right-left polarization in the terms of the trust. People who consider themselves more as a right-minded perceive to have less and less trust in the Flemish nieuwsmerken the people that are more left field. However, it is not going to make big differences.”

In the United States, which are the differences and polarizations, according to the study, much larger, with a Fox , and The New York Times, and , if extreme, examples. ‘I had no nieuwsmerken that is extremely polarizing, ” says Picone from. Flemish nieuwsgebruikers appreciate the media because they are up-to-date, and to help them on the news, to understand it, rather than for their role as democratic watchdogs. Especially in the rich Northern European countries such as Finland and Norway, it is this watchdog function as a more and more important to be considered.’

Down with the youth

There are also significant differences in the age and educational background. While 61 per cent of the Flemish news consumers were older than 35 years, and the news in general, it is trusted, this falls to just 38 per cent of its users are under the age of 35 years old.

Yet, strikingly, trust in news which will be consumed by social media, it is down, even among the youngest nieuwsgebruikers. At the same time, about one out of every five of the respondents were younger than 35 years of age with social media as their main source of news are the.