Schoenen Torfs is a ‘Best place to work in Europe


Schoenen Torfs is ‘Beste Werkplek’ van Europa

CEO Wouter Torfs, human resources manager Els Van Keymeulen of Schoenen Torfs.

Belgian companies have a good turn out at the European awards ceremony around the Great Place to Work. Schoenen Torfs is at the top of the list of “Best Workplaces” in the large companies. Uitzendgroep, Accent, and another Belgian company, it is in that list at number three.

Ten times in a row, Schoenen Torfs, in our country, from the big companies, was named ‘Best Workplace’. This is a Belgian survey is carried out every year by the Great Place to Work Institute, in Belgium, in co-operation with the Vlerick leuven gent management School, and of This/of Mark Magazine.

In addition to this Belgian initiative, there is also a European rankschikking, let’s say, the ‘Champions League’ of companies. In the European study of 1.4 million employees, of 2.878 organisations from 19 countries were questioned.

The winners

In this new European edition Shoes, the artist integrated (all in one), and Emphasis (in three), and so on to the stage with the big companies, the Dutch Society Official is on the list in two. In the category of multinational corporations, it is techbedrijf, Salesforce is the winner, followed by uitzendgroep, The Adecco Group with their Belgian section of the two. The other ‘Best Workplaces’ in the list of multinational companies with Belgian operations, are to Mars (in 6th place), SAS Institute (9) and a CAREER (13).

Also, in the list of the small-to-medium-sized businesses (50 to 499 employees) had to dive for Belgian companies. EASI is no. 5 and ANGELA is 14. Also, We (in 40’s), and Protime (41), we find back there.