RAILWAY cut in the opening hours of ticket offices, labor unions displeased


 NMBS knipt in openingsuren van loketten, vakbonden misnoegd

As of the 5th of August, the opening hours and 49 stations in the country changed. The ticket office will, for example, in the afternoon on the days of the week or during certain times of the year at the weekend’s conclusion, reported in the SOUTH. The socialist trade union, the railway was not at all pleased about the announcement.

Especially in the smaller member stations, the impact is large, but also, for example, in the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station the ticket office in the evening half an hour before closing.

The training programme highlights the changing behavior of travelers, who are increasingly using digital sales and information channels. Last year’s digital sales, including vending machines, accounts for about two-thirds of the total sales.

In some stations, the number of customers at the counters are very limited, has become, what it sounds like. The number of transactions per hour, during certain times of the year below a minimum threshold has dropped, a so-called “dead time” is between 60 and 95 percent of the time.

There is cutting of the RAILWAY, now at the opening. “These stations will be in the ticket office during the week, in the afternoon, or during certain times of the year at the weekend, what it sounds like. The current opening hours of the waiting rooms will remain the same. Stations and ticket offices will not be closed, and the treinaanbod, nothing has changed, which is why the NMBS / sncb.

49 stations

It’s up to a total of 49 stations. There have been changes to the opening hours of at least thirty minutes. In Flanders, it’s going to get 22 of them: Herentals, Lier, Mechelen, Diest, Tienen, Aarschot, Torhout, Ieper (ypres), Lichtervelde, Tielt, west flanders, De Panne, Poperinge, belgium, Oostende, Blankenberge, belgium, Deinze, Wetteren, Again, Geraardsbergen, Sint-Pieters Ghent, Dendermonde, Sint-Truiden and Genk, belgium.

At ‘ Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station go to the ticket office during the week and weekends, from September 5, a half-hour past close at 21: 30. The weekend will open with the ticket counter, there is also a quarter of an hour later, adds the spokesperson Bart Crols far.

Unions displeased

Spoorbond CGSP Cheminots particular, to a new herstructureringsoffensief and found that the stations have depopulated it. Rural regions that are already vulnerable will be hit harder, the league.

Also, ACOD Spoor was not to talk about the new opening hours of the stationsloketten. According to the union, it is the presence of staff at stations is essential to have a high-quality service and to be able to in the future as well. “This decision is a step in the direction of the stations, and without the physical presence of personnel at the disposal of the travellers,” says ACOD Spoor. In 2007, the sncb / NMBS, according to the union, about 208 to open contact points. In 2018, there are only 135 on. “We urge upon the RAILWAY and on to choose to consider an expansion of the duties of the commercial, white-collar workers, so that these staff members are truly ‘counselors, in terms of mobility,” which can be, for the benefit of all users.”

The RAILWAY leaves on the other hand, know that in June, more than 40 new loketbedienden to start, and that the recruitment department will follow the end of the summer. Thus, the provision of services to the customer is enhanced, the phone sounds the.