Donald Trump junior, testifying once again for the Senate in Ruslandonderzoek


Donald Trump junior getuigt opnieuw voor Senaatscommissie in Ruslandonderzoek

Donald Trump, Jr.

In connection with the investigation of a Russian intervention in the American presidential election of 2016 will be the first son of the Us president, Donald Trump, Jr. on Wednesday, for the inlichtingencommissie of the Senate, as witnesses. The interview is behind closed doors, so message news television network, CNN , on the basis of anonymous sources.

In may it became known that by the Republican-led inlichtingencommissie of the Senate, Donald Trump, Jr. (41) once again was invited to give evidence in connection with the Russia investigation. This is the first time that the Congress is its power of investigation, used to be a close relative of the president when He is to come.

That last one he said himself “surprised” to be on the writ of summons to his son and told him that he was the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller ‘is completely out of suspicion that has been set. In his only public statement at the end of may, spoke to the special prosecutor’s office He, however, is explicitly not free. “If I believed that a Home is not a crime has been committed, that the report is said to be,” he said.

Donald Trump, Jr. it was in september, 2017, in all of the hours examined in the Senate, in relation to a meeting between a Russian representative and the campaign team of the Trump in New York city and is a project of his father-in-Canada. Trump, Jr. manage it by using the Trump Organization, and the capacity of the family.