‘Workman was in the error with asbestos’


‘Werkman ging in de fout met asbest’

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A school and a nursery in Kleit, a borough of Maldegem, remains still one more week to close after asbestos is released during repair work.

The site around the sports hall in Kleit, a borough of Maldegem, will have at least one week to a close, confirms the city council.‘The school continues to have at least a week to two weeks closed”, said mayor Bart Van Hulle (Open VLD) earlier after a crisisvergadering. Near the school The kleiheuvel, babysitting / child services Ukkie-Pukkie and the sports hall are Thursday asbestdeeltjes found. That are released during renovation work. The environment was Friday morning ended after eleven of the fourteen samples positive whitening.

“We have a specialised company was appointed to the vacated asbestos to remove. Previously the roof with a tarpaulin covered to prevent further spreading to prevent. The roof is also water sprayed and the entire area is vacuumed and with canvases covered, ” says Van Hulle.

Extended perimeter

The children of The kleiheuvel were Friday taken care of in the church. From there they left for a nearby gym where an impromptu sports day takes place. It is currently still unclear where the children in the coming week shelter will get. Also the vote on may 26, would take place in the school building. There is currently an alternative sought.

Friday extra air and bodemstalen taken to look also at the houses in the neighborhood asbestpartikels are present. Tonight decides whether the perimeter is expanded. Residents within the zone had previously been the demand for preventive doors and windows shut and the ventilation off.

Jump on the corrugated iron

The municipality and the police are in a higher gear is switched, when the local services, a video surfaced showing how one of the workers on the asbesten corrugated jumps to break. Presumably it was intended to be that way even more corrugated sheets in the container. The container was a short distance from the school. The movie dates from 8.30 am Wednesday morning. ‘This is unauthorized, ” says the mayor Of Them.

The work on the hall began on 2 may. ‘For the time being, nothing indicates that there is already in the wrong. The yard was visited daily by the veiligheidsambtenaar of the municipality. We suspect at this moment that everything is according to protocol is expired, ” says Van Hulle.

‘Someone in the wrong’

Leo Himpe, of the responsible contractor Himpe, gives the facts. “Someone is on the last day of the work in the wrong.’ He disputes, however, that the positive samples there is a direct consequence of his. That is currently unclear. Those plates are already forty years subject to erosion, and possibly also during the pick up of the plates asbestdeeltjes released. This calls for a scientific analysis. We are but a radartje in the whole.’

The construction company also emphasizes that it is ‘workers who are trained to do asbestos in solid form to remove’. Himpe let you know that it is working on possible solutions. “The priority now is to reorganise.’