No asbestos measured in classrooms and babysitting / child services Maldegem


Geen asbest gemeten in klaslokalen en kinderopvang Maldegem

The site of the sports hall was Thursday night already fully completed. The fire covered the roof, which the asbestplaten layers, completely.

The municipality of Maldegem has additional samples taken after asbestos was released during work on the sports hall in Kleit. The new measurements are good news, says the mayor: “There is no asbestos in the premises itself found”

The city council last Thursday, already decided to the sports hall of Kleit, a borough of Maldegem, and the adjacent child care Ukkie-Pukkie and free primary school kleiheuvel to close. Employees of the company that the sports hall renovates, had Wednesday night asbestplaten broken. In the subsequent measurements in the immediate vicinity appeared to eleven of the fourteen steel fibres to contain.

“But because of distrust, we had to do measurements,” says mayor Bart Van Hulle (Open VLD). And who give a more positive image. ‘There are now also measurements within the site happens, in the premises of the child care and the school. And there is no asbestos found.’

Perimeter is not extended

“There are also 27 veegstalen taken outside the perimeter, north, south, east, and west. Who were all 27 negative, so we have the perimeter does not extend. Additional good news is there are three luchtmetingen carried out on the site itself. The asbestconcentraties are all under the gezondheidsnorm.’

Starting Saturday will be a professional company, the environment clean. “That will at least take a week,” says the mayor. ‘Meanwhile we have a solution for everything. The children of reception Ukkie-Pukkie, we will distribute it to the other two municipal nurseries. And other schools are prepared to make premises available to the affected school. Even a small portion of the students will be in the cultural centre of les get. The elections, which will continue in the football canteen.’

Contractor has questions about the origin of asbestos

Or the story is still a legal tail, is not clear. The mayor wants first conversations with the contractor. Mayor Van Hulle: ‘Monday there is a meeting scheduled. We will surely have the invoice of all these measures is to present to the contractor. He denies the facts, but he asks, however, whether the asbestos of those broken plates.’