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Regering onderzoekt of dwangsom tegen werknemers Skeyes kan

Kris Peeters

The federal government is the turbulence to an air traffic controller Skeyes tired of pointing the public to its responsibility. At the same time, she examines the legal piste to employees of Skeyes to commit to work.

The state-owned company Skeyes has a monopoly on the air traffic control in our country. Persistent strikes, because of a deep conflict between workers and management, the aviation in our country pain. I call to responsibility, ” said prime minister Charles Michel (MR) this morning at a press conference of the government.

Minister of Work, Kris Peeters (CD&V) came to him. ‘We have done everything to the social dialogue, the mediators have a success (there is an agreement in the joint committee, that one of the three trade unions was accepted, eds.). It is time that it stops. I’m doing a call to both sides to take responsibility.’

The federal government thinks about it after, or the monopoly of Skeyes tenable in the long term. The Walloon government has threatened several times already, that monopoly to break. To arm itself against possible new actions, examines the federal government what is legally possible. ‘We will examine the legal possibilities for the abuse of the right to strike and the kidnapping of a vital organization for our economy to stop.”

The government will examine whether it is possible to the employees of Skeyes via a penalty payment to force to get started.