Dutch zuivelgigant have vanilla in the vanilla custard stop


Nederlandse zuivelgigant moet vanille in zijn vanillevla stoppen


The Dutch zuivelfabrikant FrieslandCampina have vanilla to add to his vanilla custard, or the name and packaging of the stuff adjust. That has the Dutch reclamewaakhond decided.

The board of Appeal the Advertising Code Committee finds that the consumer on the basis of the name and the packaging of the pudding ‘Optimel vanilla custard’ of FrieslandCampina would be able to expect that there is vanilla in it, but that is not the case. ‘That is misleading, and in violation of the European rules”, according to the objectives of the reclamecommissie. Furthermore, it is in conflict with European regulations against deception of the consumer.

The Advertising Code Commission had previously, in the first instance has already held that the vanilla custard of the brand was misleading, and confirm that you now also in occupation. The decisions of the Commission are in principle not binding, but the most voedingsmiddelenfabrikanten, there is usually hearing. In addition, the European regulations do binding.

FrieslandCampina itself promised earlier, all of the text on the packaging will fit in. The zuivelreus also look at the recipe, but vanilla is a very expensive ingredient, ” says a spokesman. According to the company is in 80 percent of the vanillepuddings, incidentally, no real vanilla.