Twentieth patient included with legionella contamination


Twintigste patiënt opgenomen met legionellabesmetting

It’s Friday night again, a patient with legionella contamination in the hospital. It reports the Agency of Care and Health. As a result, the total number of infections on twenty, two people died in the meantime.

“We have received confirmation that a patient with legionella is included in the hospital UZ Gent’, was Joris Moonens, spokesman of the Agency Care & Health, Friday know. “We have not more information about this patient.’

Earlier Friday, was also a nineteenth patient included. ‘These new patient started the ziekteklachten on 13 may, as with the patient who yesterday was included’, declared Moonens previously on that patient. “He is quite stable, which is good news. Yesterday, we had said that we expected that in the coming days people will still get sick would be. That is now happened.”

The legionella contamination in the Canal area of Ghent was already twenty victims, including two dead. The cooling towers are the biggest suspect as the source of contamination. Last week, the Agency has taken samples in the cooling towers of nineteen companies. Not until next week results expected, because of legionella in a laboratory should be cultured.

The new sick remains large, as a legionella contamination to nineteen days after infection symptoms can occur. ‘Everything suggests strongly that the source of the infection for multiple days must have been,” said Moonens earlier. The first patients received the first complaints in the period from 29 april to 6 may. The second group received between 7 and 10 may for the first ziekteklachten. The last two patients received on may 13, so the first complaints. “The chance is very high that the coming days, we still have patients going to get. We assume that this is not the last patient.’