Trump proposes radical changes to immigration policy: “We discriminate against geniuses’


Trump stelt ingrijpende aanpassingen aan migratiebeleid voor: ‘We discrimineren genieën’

The American president Donald Trump has Thursday sweeping changes to the migration policy is proposed. So would there preference be given to skilled migrants.

According to Trump function, the current system is bad and there are too many problems. Thus, people who have family in the USA, preferential and there are too many ‘frivolous’ asylum applications approved.

The United States share an annual 1.1 million ‘green cards’, which someone can live and work in the country. 66 percent of those people have family in the U.S. and 21 percent get the permit through a random lottery, according to Trump.

Of 12 to 57 percent on skills

That means, according to the president that the united states is not a priority to doctors, researchers or students who are graduating from American universities. Students start in their home country companies that are founded in the USA could be.

“We discriminate against geniuses”, said Trump in a speech in the rose garden of the White House. “We discriminate against genius. That we will not do more if we do it.”

In the current system is bad, 12 percent of the legal immigration based on skills and merits a mess of it. The purpose of his proposal is to make that percentage to increase to 57 percent, something the U.S. according to Trump more competitive, while the country people welcomes.