Trump: ‘no war with Iran’


Trump: ‘Wil geen oorlog met Iran’

Donald Trump.

The American president Donald Trump said to his minister of Defence, Patrick Shanahan that he is not a war, it wants to Iran. That writes The New York Times.

Journalists asked Trump during a press conference, or war will occur with Iran, and the president replied: ‘I hope not’. He received the Swiss president Ueli Maurer, who is a diplomatic role between the U.S. and Iran. The two leaders discussed various international issues, including the crisis in the Middle East and Venezuela. ‘President Trump is grateful for the role that Switzerland plays in international conflicts and diplomatic relations’, was in a press release.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic chair of the House of Representatives, is pleased with the attitude of Trump in this conflict. She welcomes ‘the aversion of a military conflict with Teheran.


The tensions between Iran and the West came up after the Iranian president Hassan Rohani last week had announced that Iran is part would withdraw from the nuclear agreement in 2015. The American president Donald Trump announced last year that the united states is unilaterally and completely from the agreement would withdraw. It is, therefore, Rohani now with a step-by-step-terugtrekkingplan for his country. Iran will not adhere to provisions in the agreement that the stock of enriched uranium is limited to 300 kg and up to 130 tonnes of heavy water.

The West had its sanctions against Iran lifted in exchange for a limitation of the nuclear capabilities of Iran, but the US have the sanctions gradually covered with dust removed, up to and including an embargo on oil exports. Something which is essential for the Iranian economy.