Programme of events for the celebration of championship title of KRC Genk is ready to be served


Feestprogramma voor viering landstitel KRC Genk staat al klaar

After KRC Genk Thursday evening the fourth championship title in Anderlecht obtained, was also the programme of events for Friday published.

Friday will start at 17.30 the celebrations in the town Square. An hour later, the players and the staff of KRC Genk in a open bus tour through the city centre of Genk. At 20.15 hours appear the players on the stage at the town Square.

The festivities in and around the town Square are free for everyone. At 22 o’clock in the Limburghal the titelfeest place in the presence of players and staff. For the subscribers of KRC Genk is the access to the Limburghal free. The other supporters to pay 10 euro entrance fee.

Vessels of Events Show Vandeurzen (CD&V) announced that the programme of events together with KRC Genk has been developed. In the night from Thursday to Friday there is a first brief moment in time that the players together with the supporters on the town Square, the championship will celebrate. “Friday, we expect to once again thousands of Genkies in the centre’, says ships Vandeurzen.