Police stops Tesla with a sleeping driver at the highway


Politie stopt Tesla met slapende chauffeur op snelweg

The Dutch police looked surprised when they Thursday night, a Tesla tried for the couple on the A27. The man was off his intoxication to sleep behind the wheel while his car is on automatic pilot drove.

Around midnight saw Dutch agents on the A27, at the height of Eemnes, near Hilversum, a Tesla drive behind a truck stuck while on the highway 130 km per hour is allowed.

The agents trusted the not, gave the driver a stop sign and drove to the first exit of the highway. The Tesla was not to follow, and only after the agents of the siren were put, responded the driver.

The 50-year-old driver from Meppel was quite drunk and was cut off while the automatic pilot was switched on. During his nap the man had his hands all the time at the wheel, otherwise the alarm in the Tesla gone on and had the car self-parked.