Newcomers searching for the niche


Nieuwkomers zoeken naar de niche

Select HR opened recently a new office in Peel, the bureau cheQ took a flying start and in Hasselt was the employment agency Flexer kept above the font.

“There are two movements that are in the market,” says Joël Stockmans, that Flexer has created within his new hr company Umani Group. “On the one hand, you have larger hr service providers with a specialisation in, for example, outsourcing, service vouchers or recruitment, that their offer expand with uitzendactiviteiten. They want their customers a wide service offering. It also allows employees to switch between various disciplines and formats.

On the other hand, there are a lot of employees of temporary work agencies that are willing to take that plunge to the self different and better. They jump in the hole of the tailor-made service, which provides an answer to the sometimes impersonal and standardized processes that round of consolidation brought with him. ” However, it is not obvious to a flying start in the sector. “That’s right, because in the first place, it is a very complex matter,” Stockmans.

“There’s a lot of regulations and administration: the preparation of various types of contracts, the correct compensation, the rules for sickness and leave, etc. A second moeilijheid is that there is a deposit of 75,000 euros should be paid to get license. That is certainly not obvious. And I see, finally, starting temporary agencies quickly drop out because they are in the early stages everything should be pre-financed. They must pay the wages of their temporary workers pay, but they have only their money from the companies after a period of time. They should therefore already at the start a nice financial buffer.”

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