Migrants departing from north station


Migranten vertrokken uit Noordstation

The migrants that are already months stay in Brussels North are left. The citizens ‘ platform, the Red Cross and samu social, have joined forces to create together 140 temporary accommodation places. On the initiative of the minister The Block was about it for days discussed.

The mayor of Schaarbeek, Bernard Clerfayt, had the police given the order to the resting place for migrants in the north station Friday morning around 11: 00 to vacate. But the planned politieactie was not necessary, the migrants have been there yesterday night itself left.

On the underground floor of the north station stay for months, hundreds of transmigranten in the United Kingdom are trying to get. In February, the Brussels-capital Region will be there for them a resting place, but for Clerfayt were the unhygienic conditions there unacceptable. Also the staff of The Line refused any longer to the north station stop.

Last week, promised minister for Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block (Open VLD) is a structural solution to search. There was for days at a discreet consultation between The Block and the Brussels Region and the municipality of Schaerbeek. Also ngos, such as the citizens ‘ platform for Refugees, were at the consultation involved. They were already since a few days, informed of the politieactie. Volunteers of the citizens ‘ platform and the mobile teams of the samu social, the reception organisation of the Brussels Region, yesterday night to the station stooped to the migrants to the shelter. “We are there last night at 01.00 hours left, and then it was empty”, sounds at the citizens ‘ platform.

‘Major breakthrough’

From Monday staff of Fedasil to the homeless, the migrants to inform about the possibility of voluntary return or to request asylum. The priority goes to vulnerable persons, such as unaccompanied women and families. Those who choose to to seek asylum, will be in a reception centre of Fedasil.

According to The Block is that way of working is not new. “She was already in 2014 under my previous mandate as secretary of state for asylum and migration, introduced to the problems of families with minor children in residence to address,” she says in a comment.

The federal police will from this weekend also evident in the Finish are present, in order to avoid that migrants there return. “Who to Train, returning, will be arrested and detained in a closed centre with a view to return,” says De Block.

“I am very pleased with this major breakthrough’, according to The Block. ‘We Train now back to the commuters and the travelers. A train station is not a shelter. The circumstances were not human, nor for transmigranten, nor for the travelers and people who had to work.’