Laurens De Plus frustrated as a plug after forced problem in Tour of Italy: “This hurts a lot of pain”


Laurens De Plus baalt als een stekker na gedwongen opgave in Ronde van Italië: “Dit doet zeer veel pijn”

Want to Primoz Roglic of this year’s Giro win, the Slovenian Team Jumbo Visma, which is now without his apprentice Laurens The Plus must do. “This is a blow for the team, but also for myself”, gave that up after his statement.

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The Plus reed already a few days sick around in the Giropeloton and Friday is one of the victims of the blistering start of the seventh stage. “This hurts a lot of pain. A huge disappointment”, they said. “This was my biggest of the year, here we have all the team together to go worked and sacrificed, and then I go home by a minor illness. But in a large round, you have to be 100 percent fit. My body did not allow to continue.”

In the end, the very rapid onset of Friday, him fatal. “It was the container full course, 2.5-hour war, if you are not fit you should just go home. I was after the time trial is actually already slightly sick, and the day after that it was completely broken. The koersomstandigheden were the previous days bad, my body did not have the time to recover. I was very apart, but I had always the koerssituatie. Always a flight that early drove away. But what the platoon accumulated over the past few days, there came today. It was a real war.”

Now what? “We can’t deny: this is a blow for the team, but also for myself. Primoz is still good, but we are going to have to look at how we can absorb. I am very happy that Tolhoek and Sepp Kuss) in good to do, and I hope that they have him as long as possible to be able to assist. It will be a tough order, but that men can. And for me, this is such a blow that I nothing else can think. I had hoped that I put it to the day of rest could survive, but it was unfortunately not so. Very sour.”