Golden State wins also second finaleduel in Western Conference


Golden State wint ook tweede finaleduel in Western Conference

Reigning NBA champion Golden State has a 2-0 head start against Portland in the finals of the Western Conference. The Warriors won Thursday night with a 114-111 of the Trail Blazers.

The kampioenenteam from the Californian Oakland had the first party Tuesday simple with a 116-94 win. The Trail Blazers sold their sheet in the second final a lot more expensive. When the rest had Golden State a deficit of 15 points to retrieve. Under the impetus of performers Stephen Curry (37 points, 8 rebounds, and assists) and Klay Thompson (24 points) pulled the home team the leaning situation still right.

Portland now has two home games (Saturday and Monday) to address the backlog. First four times to win, punch through to the grand final. Therein awaits the winner of the Eastern Conference. Milwaukee, the best team from the regular season, won the first game against Toronto 108-100.