French doctor again accused of 17 poison: ‘As pyromane firefighter


Franse arts opnieuw beschuldigd van 17 vergiftigingen: ‘Zoals pyromane brandweerman’

Frédéric Péchier denies all allegations

Frédéric Péchier, a French anesthesiologist who previously was accused of seven patients poisoned to have them than to be able to save, would be responsible for seventeen other poisons. He would be so in a total of nine fatalities.

After Frédéric Péchier (47) in 2017 has already been accused of seven intoxications in two hospitals where he worked in the French Besançon, was last week questioned about a further 66 operations in which healthy patients, a heart attack got. Over seventeen of those cases is now an investigation against him opened for ” poisoning of vulnerable people’.

The French prosecutors compare Péchier with a pyromane fireman. The doctor, would be aware of the prescribed verdovingen of colleagues in operations have adapted, so that patients during the operation of an overdose were. Péchier, who happened to be in the area, could be the victims than rescue. That the doctor is always so quick the correct diagnosis had finished, made colleagues, he finally started to suspect.

At the 24 suspected cases were in total 9 people died. Péchier, lifetime risk, was Friday by the court and released subject to conditions. Since 2017 should the anesthesiologist profession no longer perform. The doctor has the facts always denied, but claims that his career still over, regardless of the ruling. “No one trusts a doctor who ever as a vergiftiger is branded.’