Red Lions miss ‘Dutch’ and Mr. Red Panthers are a complete Hockey Pro League


Red Lions missen ‘Nederlanders’ en Denayer, Red Panthers zijn compleet voor Hockey Pro League

The Red Panthers (FIH 13) and the Red Lions (FIH 1), the Belgian national hockeyploegen, play Sunday in London their heenwedstrijd’ of the Hockey Pro League against Great Britain. The women of coach Niels Thijssen act at full strength, with the men of Shane McLeod is a lack of players from the Dutch league and Felix Denayer.

Alexia ‘T Serstevens is the only new name in the selection of the Panthers in comparison with the previous two competitions, the Belgian women always won. The British (FIH 2) are in full rebuild with a new team after their olympic title in 2016 and lost all five times. The Panthers are currently third, Britain is seventh.

The Belgian men, reigning world champion, is now second, one place better than the British (FIH 7). Coach McLeod may not have Arthur Van Doren, Emmanuel Stockbroekx, Maxime Plennevaux and Tanguy Cosyns because they have the play-offs finishing in the Dutch league. Also Felix Denayer is there with an injury, Simon Gougnard and John-John Dohmen times on their turn back in the team.

The ladies tournament is Sunday programmed to 14 hours (Belgian time), that of the men to 16 hours. The British battle for both the men and the women all Argentina on Saturday. On Thursday, may 30, to play the Belgian teams in Antwerp their second leg against the British, the Red Panthers should be in between 25 may to China.