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Erfgename Duitse koekjesgigant zegt sorry voor minimaliseren naziverleden

The manufacturer Bahlsen had under Nazi Germany a tweehonderdtal forced laborers, mainly women from the Ukraine. Verena Bahlsen (26), daughter of owner Werner Bahlsen, blurted there on Tuesday that the company has ” nothing wrong was done’ during the Second world War. Wednesday swallows them words back in.

‘We paid forced laborers and German workers are the same’, claimed they, to the German newspaper Bild. “We treated them well.’ She added that the company is about, nothing to feel bad about myself.

Her comment made severe reactions on social media, including calls for a boycott. Some tweets explaining the link between Bahlsen and the extreme right-wing party AfD, which some party members are accused of minimizing nazimisdrijven. The company itself then distanced himself from its decisions.

“It is never my intention to national socialism or the consequences thereof to be put into perspective. I would like to sincerely apologise to anyone who this I have hurt, ” explains the man in his twenties.

In 2000-2001 – Verena was not yet eight years old – donated by the company of 750,000 euros to a German foundation that the suffering of the twenty million forced laborers from the Second world War to compensate.

Verena is in her own words – ‘for a fourth shareholder of Bahlsen’, and crosses that are not under chairs or sofas. In april, she said at a conference that they are a capitalist, and the capital ‘a yacht and such things want to buy, what commotion. Her consumptiedrang is not to the liking of the German population, which make her more and more as a spoiled can see.

“Who such a huge capital inherits, inherits the responsibility”, said Lars Klingbeil, secretary-general of the centre-left party SPD in Bild.