Fines of 10,000 euros for the Skeyes as a service tomorrow, is disturbed


Boetes van 10.000 euro voor Skeyes als dienstverlening morgen nog verstoord wordt

Brussels Airlines suffering to his own words, ” all for at least 4 million euro damage due to the actions of the past few months, with Skeyes. The airline shall inform the air traffic controller responsible for that damage. At the request of Brussels Airlines, the judge Skeyes fines of 10,000 euro and more if the service from Friday morning is still disturbed.

If there from Friday morning flights from Brussels Airlines delayed or canceled by interference with Skeyes, the air traffic controller’s periodic pay. That has a court in Brussels decides, reports Brussels Airlines.

Brussels Airlines deplores not only the actions themselves, but also the fact that Skeyes itself, which is often only at the last moment to pass. This can the society do not take precautions. Flights must at the last moment be cancelled or rerouted, and passengers have to be rebooked or refunded, or have meals and overnight offered.

The court decided that Skeyes the airline 10,000 euros per cancelled European flight and 20,000 per deleted include a long distance flight have to pay. Also with delays of at least an hour, or derivative flights, there are judicially determined.
The penalty payments will apply from Friday morning to 4.55 pm until may 26 at midnight, said a spokeswoman for Brussels Airlines.


The financial damage estimates that Brussels Airlines is at least 4 million euro. In addition, there is reputational damage. ‘The Belgian aviation sector loses customers to airports in the neighbouring countries by the uncertainty of the unreliable air traffic management entails’, it sounds.

The estimated damage doesn’t take into account the consequences of the closure of the Skeyes controlled airspace Thursday. Brussels Airlines had to take 53 European flights to cancel, and two destinations in Africa delete (Kigali, and Luanda). That has implications for 5,000 passengers, said spokeswoman Wencke Lemmes.