Belgian hologrambedrijf in American hands


Belgisch hologrambedrijf in Amerikaanse handen

The Belgian Mimesys is taken over by Magic Leap.

Mimesys, a Belgian start-up meetings with holograms, acquired by the American AR-glasses-company Magic Leap.

Meet with a hologram: the Belgian-French start-up Mimesys keep in mind since 2016. It worked as on the radar of Magic Leap, an American company that augmented-reality-glasses develops. The Americans take Mimesys now all over. “The acquisition of Mimesys by Magic Leap offers young start-up the chance to use their technology to roll out in a platform of a major global player in the field of AR glasses’, it sounds in a statement. A consideration is not disclosed.

Mimesys developing a platform where people with sensors which is capped, and that signal is transmitted over the internet. By that signal is to convert, for example, in a hologram, makes it possible to arrange meetings with people on the other side of the world, but that in the same room seem to sit.

That is fairly close to what the Americans of Magic Leap. They brought in the ‘Magic Leap ‘ One’ on the market, an ‘augmented reality’glasses. That is a pair of glasses where the wearer of virtual objects on the real world sees projected. The integration of the platform of Mimesys is obvious: carriers of a Magic Leap glasses can, thanks to the integration of Mimesys’ platform, people in the same room to see who’s actually elsewhere.

Mimesys was in 2016 founded by Davy Loots, Rémi Rousseau and Stéphane Saffré. They have already received financial support from the Limburg investment company LRM and the business angels Frank Bekkers, Koen Desmedt, Theodoor Vanheusden and Jan Van Gael. The company started in the Corda INcubator, the programme of the bedrijvensite Corda Campus in Hasselt. The company is still on that campus, and remains there after the acquisition.

Magic Leap is located in Florida and has already received support from some big names such as Google, chipgigant Qualcomm and investment company Andreesen Horowitz. Also the Chinese Alibaba invested already in the company.

According to Raf Degens, general manager of the Corda Campus, this gives a clear signal to our community that it is not a utopia, is to start your business on Corda Campus, and then to grow on the international market’. He says he is ‘very proud’ to be on the team of Mimesys.