Also, mayor of New York wants to be president


Ook burgemeester van New York wil president worden

Bill de Blasio

The 58-year-old Bill de Blasio wants to be the Democrats presidential candidate. That he has Thursday announced in a video. He is certainly not alone, there are already about twenty Democrats candidate for the next year to take on Donald Trump.

The biggest favorite for the Democrats is, for now, centrumkandidaat Joe Biden, who under Barack Obama’s vice president was. de Blasio is to the left of the political spectrum.

“There is enough money in the world’, says de Blasio in the video. “There is enough money in this country. It is only in the wrong hands.’ He closes by saying that ” it is time that operators first be placed’.

News agency AP points out that he for his candidacy in New York no majority behind him. A recent poll showed that three-quarters of New Yorkers find that he is not a candidate.

De Blasio is the mayor of New York since 2014. It seemed that he was a leading voice in the left wing of his party, but the enthusiasm for the Blasio turned quickly. In 2017, he was again elected, but in 2021 he may not be a candidate anymore.

“The Democrats get a nice at to join their group to add’, tweette the Republican president, Donald Trump Thursday, adding that de Blasio is regarded as the” worst mayor in the world’. He is a JOKE, but if you like high taxes and crime want to, he is your man. NEW YORK HATE HIM!’.