Nestor sends vijftigplussers and retired


Nestor zendt vijftigplussers en gepensioneerden uit

Between all transmit and selectiekantoren falls Nestor immediately. The uitzendspecialist with one of his three offices in Antwerp focuses on the target of vijftigplussers and pensioners. “It is a rewarding target group to work with”, says co-founder Mathieu Vandenhende.

Nestor saw the light of day in 2016 at the initiative of the partners Mathieu Vandenhende and Nicolas Moerman and currently counts a dozen employees. In total they have already more than a thousand older and experienced employees to work.

“With all the changes of recent years, such as raising the retirement age and pensioners that are unlimited may earn, matured in us the idea of making something for that audience to do. With their level of maturity in this group has a lot of potential. Candidates who present themselves, are all people who really like to work. They are motivated and flexible and possess the right arbeidsmentaliteit. It is fine to work with this target group,” says Vandenhende.


The system of agency work seemed the two founders, the best way to get them on the way to and at work to help. “We act as a kind of intermediary. We put them on our payroll and ensure that all administration is handled and everything is in order with the legislation. That way, everyone gets where he is entitled to. We are also noticing that this is very drempelverlagend works. Both to jobseekers and to employers. We see that there is a change in mentality is underway and that companies would be more open-minded, but sometimes there are still questions. It is up to us to take that doubt away,” explains the founder.

“The challenge is to have everything so organize, that it’s very accessible, it works. So we have a very simple online registration system developed. After registration, we invite candidates for a personal interview in order to try to wrists what their capabilities are. But especially what they like to do, because that comes at the first place. It is then our challenge to a match to find.”

They are usually part-time contracts and flexi-jobs. “But usually for the longer term. There we a matter of. A customer who contact us because he urgently needed someone, for a few weeks or to take him out of the need to help, that is not where we are looking for. They are often jobs that are traditionally not to the activities of the company, but on a regular basis, for example once per week, should be performed.”