Luxembourg company announces investment in four large-fired gas plants to


Luxemburgs bedrijf kondigt investering in vier grote gascentrales aan

The power station of Langerlo.

Luxembourg company BTK, the future owner of the old power plants of Vilvoorde and Langerlo, wants four great-fired gas plants construction in Belgium to the closure of the nuclear power plants to absorb. The company wants the CO2 capture via CCS.

The Luxembourg investor-BTK will in 2022, for the closure of the first nuclear power plant, are ready with the construction of a first gas-fired power plant in Vilvoorde. The old plant there, will then be demolished and replaced by a new one. Also in Langerlo are two new-fired gas plants are planned.

It comes to large-scale plants of each of the 870 megawatt. This plant, the company sufficient capacity to the closure of the nuclear power plants run almost entirely on catch. According to grid operator Elia is there to 3,600 megawatts, the four new power plants are good for 3.480 megawatts. After the closing of the old gas-fired power plant in Vilvoorde, good for 400 megawatts, the electricity capacity so 3.080 megawatts.

‘Twenty years of stability in this country’

“With this investment of 2.5 billion euro we want to be a player in this country for twenty years of stability provides the energy supply,” says BTK-kingpin Marc Segers. “We want the investors in renewable energy, as also to give the opportunity to do that.’

Segers says that his company has a business plan that has been prepared without taking into account the CRM mechanism, the support mechanism that the federal government has worked to attract investors to new electricity capacity to build. ‘But that is of course welcome.’

BTK says good relations with gas suppliers in Qatar, that a stable gas supply can be guaranteed. The company also says a scenario, calculated for the case of Belgium was decided to have two nuclear power plants to keep open.

The fired gas plants have an efficiency of 63 percent. The investment is also a mechanism is planned that the CO2 emissions of the new-fired gas plants to collect, the so-called carbon capture storage (CCS). The collected gas can be converted into methanol, and by ship and are shipped to Qatar.