Flemish authors get this year 54.600 euros more


Vlaamse auteurs krijgen dit jaar 54.600 euro meer

Koen Van Bockstal, director of the Flemish Fund of Literature.

The Vlaams Fonds der Letteren (VFL) will this year 954.200 euros in grants payments to authors, is 54.600 euros more than last year. “A grant gives authors the opportunity to be a part of the year, time to buy to really work on their literary creations,” says the VFL.

The number of authors that for the first time to a new work early, was this year considerably higher. Of the 131 authors who submitted a claim through, will 103 the grant that also, for example, the FLF Wednesday reported. According to director Koen Van Bockstal is the number of applications increased slightly, but the number of grants remained the same. “In addition to an average. Not everyone will be this year, it sounds.

The VFL pays each year grants to Flemish authors for their literary achievements and the authors can each year to re-apply. A grant currently amounts to an average of 9.264 euros, an increase of 580 euros, compared to 2018.


That the stock market on top of normal income such as book sales, copyrights and lectures, do not say that authors filthy rich. This ensures an income ceiling of 40.800 euros. “As requested by the stock exchange the gross taxable income of an author exceeds the ceiling, the fair is restricted”, confirms van Bockstal.

The units that an author, on the basis of an income ceiling is paid. Authors will have the amount awarded so not always received in full.

The main criteria for the award of a scholarship, the quality of the recent published work and the expected quality of the new work. But the increase can, according to Van Bockstal cannot be clearly explained. ‘An author will naturally receive a higher grant because, according to the commission, a very good book written, or a convincing plan for his new work has been marked. In addition, a number of authors that for 2018 no fair have requested this for 2019 well done, all to be very, very different reasons: the jobs that they with their art combine, for example, or less profit from their copyrights.’

Sleep on both ears

Annual accounts for the VFL, with a report compared to the cultuurcommissie of the Flemish Parliament. In addition, the Board of Directors – on the basis of grant applications – the budget for the minister of Culture (currently Sven Gatz, Open VLD). “As long as that is in balance with the government subsidy, we and the authors sleep on both ears’, says Van Bockstal.

However, the cultuurbesparingen of 2015 still fresh in the mind. ‘We had 7.5% less budget to do, but have this as well as possible internal boxed. Never have we saved on authors, illustrators or translators.’