We get a F1-battle-Hamilton-Bottas doing at the time, Hamilton-Rosberg?


Krijgen we een F1-strijd Hamilton-Bottas zoal destijds Hamilton-Rosberg?

Valtteri Bottas on the podium after the GP of Australia

Two-time F1 champion Mika Hakkinen believes that his countryman Valtteri Bottas by the victory in Australia a mental boost. Who knows, it might be the beginning of a season such as we are there between Rosberg and Hamilton a few have known.

After his better starts fingering Valtteri Bottas in the lead of the race, at the expense of team-mate Hamilton. The Brit had no answer ready, and Bottas could from the beginning of the race a sore to develop compared to Hamilton.

Afterwards turned out to be the car of Hamilton is slightly damaged but on psychological level it makes little difference according to Hakkinen.

Especially the fact that Bottas is also the battle for the fastest lap and the additional world championship point won mean for Bottas to have a serious mental boost, as it considers Hakkinen.

“Valtteri had on the radio clearly understood that he was for the world championship point of the fastest lap wanted to go, even if said race engineer Riccardo Musconi that he quiet needed to do,” said Hakkinen in a column for ‘Unibet’. “He went there just for that.

“Also his competitors did that, but he was the man who managed. Again a mental boost.”

Finally founded Bottas at the end of the race also to the people who criticized him had given. The victory in Australia was according to him a good answer.

“It was also nice to have after the end of the race radio message to hear. That was clearly addressed to his accusers.”

The victory from Bottas in Australia may be the beginning of an internal battle at Mercedes between Bottas and Hamilton, one such as we only a few years between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton have known. A lot will depend on what Bottas in the coming races.

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