Three alpacas killed by wolves or dogs


Drie alpaca’s doodgebeten door wolven of honden

In Peer are by the end of Tuesday three alpacas killed. One animal was locally consumed. The other two alpacas were fatally bitten in the neck. ‘Sheep farms asking for it.’

‘Once more in Limburg is not protected for farm animals become prey to wolves or dogs’, says Jan Loos, managing director of the non-profit Landscape. ‘Or the perpetrators now wolves, or dogs, does not really matter: the animals were, despite months of warnings, a total not protected with electric fence.’

Loos raises sheep farms on to their responsibility to take their animals to protect, because in the province of Limburg, the past few months, especially wolves that sheep packed, but in the provinces of Antwerp and East-Flanders did stray dogs just the same.

‘Not a single sheep – and by extension, fallow deer or alpaca – deserves to be caught by a wolf, but gradually, there are still sheep farms there almost to questions, complains, Jan Loos.

‘Wolves are opportunists who always go for maximum prey with minimal effort. It is up to us to ensure that the address of a sheep or alpaca, however, is difficult and an unpleasant experience is associated with an electric shock. Then shall the wolves quickly focus on wild in the forests of Limburg, because that is there in abundance.’