Thierry Baudet on a huge win in the first exitpolls of Dutch elections


Thierry Baudet op forse winst in eerste exitpolls van Nederlandse verkiezingen

Thierry Baudet

The party of Thierry Baudet, Forum for Democracy scores according to the first exitpolls very well in the provincial elections in the Netherlands.

Both in the exitpolls for the province of South-Holland, Gelderland and North-Brabant put Forum for Democracy on the map. In South-Holland is even predicted that the party of Baudet the largest would be. In Noord-Brabant remains the VVD of prime minister Mark Rutte narrowly the largest. In Gelderland would FVD also the second largest.

The results of the exitpolls have an error margin of one seat, according to NOS. That means: it can be a single seat more or less. Who is the greatest, is certainly not yet clear. But a trend seems still to sign-off and that is very positive for the party of Baudet.

The provincial elections in the Netherlands also have a national importance. The elected officials set the First Room together, the Dutch Senate. It seems that the coalition of prime minister Mark Rutte its majority there to lose. A first exitpoll for the senate, predicts that the coalition of VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie from 38 to 31 seats drops. The party of Baudet would 10 of the 75 seats bringing. This is Forum for Democracy, the second largest party, after the VVD.

Also GroenLinks seems to be doing very well. In the national exitpoll doubles the party its seats from 4 to 8. D66, CDA, SP and PVDA losing all terrain. Only the Party for the Animals, the british national Party and 50Plus win a seat.