Thierry Baudet on a huge win in exitpolls of Dutch elections


Thierry Baudet op forse winst in exitpolls van Nederlandse verkiezingen

Thierry Baudet

The party of Thierry Baudet, Forum for Democracy scores according to the exitpolls very well in the provincial elections in the Netherlands. It is thus the second largest party, after the VVD of prime minister mark Rutte. The governing coalition loses its majority in the senate.

The provincial elections in the Netherlands also have a national importance. The elected officials set the First Room together, the Dutch Senate. It seems that the coalition of prime minister Mark Rutte its majority there to lose.

According to a exitpoll of Ipsos in command of the NIS decreases the number of seats of the four governing parties – the VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie – from 38 to 31. They will have to find support from other parties. Forum for Democracy comes from nowhere with 10 people in the senate with 75 seats. “That means a lot of coffee drink, even more to call, but ultimately we live in a country where it is always possible for wise people to make wise decisions to bring’, says DUTCH prime minister Rutte.

Also at GroenLinks is the party. The party of Jesse Klaver increases from 4 to 8 elected members. That would be the coalition in certain areas, to a majority can help, just like the Labour party, who have from 8 to 7 seats decreased. A collaboration with GroenLinks or the PvdA would be for the cabinet just enough for a majority in the First Chamber.

Baudet wins at the expense of Wilders

Almost all the coalition partners have had to make sacrifices. The VVD was 1 seat on the reverse, from 13 to 12. CDA dropped down to 4 seats and comes in at 8. D66 lost there 3 and stands on 7. Only the smallest profile) british national Party posted a profit of 3 to 4.

The rise of Thierry Baudets Forum will be also at the expense of the PVV of Geert Wilders. His party got a third less seats and have to make do with 6 places.

Biggest loser in the First Room is the SP, which has 5 seats backwards and on 4. The other newcomer is THINK, 1 seat managed to get hold of.

Party for Animals and 50Plus are also up the winners count. They each had 2 seats and they gain both 1. The SGP, halved, in contrast to 1 seat.

The results of the exitpolls have an error margin of one seat, according to NOS. That means: it can be a single seat more or less.

The reactions after the elections are now very diverse. Large euphoria for the Forum for Democracy in theater Figi in Zeist, the netherlands, where approximately 400 people are to each other, the overwinningsfeest has deployed.

‘Sweet Caroline’

The VVD is of its part, that the party ‘is once again the largest preserved’. Chairman of the parliamentary party in the Second Chamber Klaas Dijkhoff said that the performance was to be thanked to the fact that they are ‘doorknokken’. ‘We have not a fool make,” came the.

Prime minister Rutte pointed out that the VVD is often this called has chopped. He reigned, apart from the last two years, never with a majority in the First Chamber. The VVD may him continue to make many of the own ideals to realise, but there will be wide support for the need to search.

When Rutte entered the podium, was the song ‘Sweet Caroline’ by Neil Diamond is played, a reference to the election debate of Tuesday night. The VVD-leader was a part of his text forgotten, and cried aloud, with the aid of his political assistant, Caroliene Hermans.

Geert Wilders of the PVV party says that his party ‘limited loss’ has suffered. He attributes that loss partly to the success of FVD and congratulated FVD-leader Thierry Baudet with the results. The newcomer, according to Wilders hear a sound that resembles that of the PVV. “I’ve already experienced. Politics is a matter of trial and error’, says Wilders.

At the party, there are gently satisfied responses. ‘We are growing’, says party leader Lodewijk Asscher. The CDA believes that the party is better off than the polls beforehand predicted. ‘We can see that the political landscape in the Netherlands is shifting, and that it also continues to crack’, says leader Sybrand Buma.