The flemish Parliament approves taxidecreet well


Vlaams Parlement keurt taxidecreet goed

The Flemish Parliament has Wednesday the taxidecreet, that the Flemish taxilandschap reshapes, approved. That had for the krokusreces already be happening, but then it was accidentally an amendment from the opposition, approved.

When the scheduled vote on 27 February ran the wrong: an amendment of opposition parties SP.A and Green for the introduction of minimum rates was against the odds, was adopted unanimously. The majority parties saw their mistake to late, making it the second reading had to request, and the decree, no further vote could be. Last week it was the text put on the agenda, but when asked the opposition for a second reading.

The new decree also deletes at the latest in 2020, the existing fixed rates. Operators will, in the future, their price can be determined. Also the quota of 1 taxi per 1,000 inhabitants, disappears, just as the restriction of the scope to the territory of a municipality. The Flemish government hopes to recoup the taxi is cheap to make. Further, the new decree, the introduction of new concepts and deelplatformen such as Uber control.