The flemish Parliament approved additional money for education


Vlaams Parlement akkoord met extra geld voor onderwijs

Majority and the opposition, approved in the Flemish Parliament adopted a motion which is more operational resources in elementary education and a reorientation of the M-decree asks.

A Minimum of sixteen percent of the teachers, especially in primary and secondary, presented today the work down to more investment in education to requirements. They protested also against the inconvenience to the administration and the M decree, which is intended to provide the students with a disability, conduct disorder or disability in regular education to guide, but for which insufficient resources are.

Their complaint is heard. The Flemish Parliament approved this evening about the partijgrenzen a motion with a call to the operating budget of primary education, reducing administrative burdens and the M-act (again). Minister of Education Hilde Crevits (CD&V) wants to have a Begeleidingsdecreet of that quickly for appropriate care will provide, and for which additional money will be allocated.

Figures are set out in the motion. N-VA and Open VLD find the question of the social partners to 1.8 billion per year extra for primary education, to attract, high.