Team manager furious on the emergency services after crash in Nokere Curonian: “only Had an eye for Van der Poel”


Teammanager woest op hulpdiensten na valpartij in Nokere Koerse: “Hadden enkel oog voor Van der Poel”

Crash in Nokeren: left Floris Gerts, right Mathieu van der Poel

Peter Bauwens is not to speak about the medical treatment of his rider Floris Gerts, Wednesday immediately after the crash in Nokere Curonian. “I really didn’t know how I should feel after the end of the race,” responded the boss of Tarteletto-Isorex. “The emergency services didn’t to go to my rider, but only had an eye for Mathieu van der Poel.”

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The race in Nokere was marred by a heavy crash of Floris Gerts in full sprint, which also Mathieu van der Poel and a few others, fall came. “Luckily Floris no breaks on,” said the manager. “It is going to be heavy bruises on the neck and shoulders, he was sewn to the eye and also had a concussion so he few weeks to the side.”

“What I’m most bothered in the whole incident, is that the emergency services just eye had for one rider with a kampioenstrui (Mathieu van der Poel, eds.),” he continues. “I agree that he might be more popular than Gerts, but if support must be given to a rider in need, may be there is no difference to be made. There were at one point four aid workers around Mathieu, all the attention went to him, while there is no one in Floris. Fortunately, his father was there and that is a doctor. He had compassion over him, granted the first assistance, but it can not be that none of the emergency services to my rider looked back. All the attention of the emergency services went to Van der Poel, without regard to a rider from a continental team. I do not understand that the emergency services there a distinction in that my hat to above. Moreover, it was Floris there really very. He is now in a dark room, it may not be cycling, at least four to six weeks.”

Bauwens accuses the organization. “No, it’s the emergency services that were wrong,” he continues. “They did their work well. Or I complaint go to submit? Nay, what use has that? It doesn’t matter to me whether the Red or Yellow Cross was, that people should offer help to everyone, not only have to worry about one rider. The emergency services must provide everyone with equal treatment.”

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