Premier Michel gets right: “Government should review the constitution to stop’


Premier Michel krijgt gelijk: ‘Regering mag herziening grondwet tegenhouden’

It is not certain that the constitution during the next legislature may be amended.

The government in pending cases is not legally required to provide a Room and Senate adopted list of articles reviewed may be about to take. That is an opinion of the legal services of the Room.

To the constitution can change, Room, Senate, and government, each with a list to approve with the articles that they be revised to declare. When the government have a majority in the parliament, that is generally not a problem. The majority searches for an agreement on what that list should stand, and the government takes that over.

But the current resigning government has no majority in the Chamber and Senate. The coalition partners in the parliament must, therefore, with (at least part of) the opposition with an agreement to a list to be approved. That coalition partners, MR, CD&V and Open VLD, incidentally, do not agree among themselves about what is on the list.

And even then it is not the case around. Should there be Room and Senate a majority was found to be around a certain list of articles, it is not certain that the government that will take. That has prime minister Charles Michel to speaker of Siegfried Bracke said.

‘From a legal point of view’

According to the opinion of the Kamerdiensten is the government that is also not required. “There can never be a herzieningsverklaring be adopted against the will of the Chamber and Senate, even in a period of ongoing matters. However, there is also no herzieningsverklaring be adopted against the will of the government’, says the.

The services of the Room noted that their advice ” from a legal point of view’ is drawn up. Politics is case sensitive. Open VLD party leader Patrick Dewael said on Tuesday that he is the ‘indelicate’ would find if the government ignore what the parliament in this vote.

PS-Mp Laurette Onkelinx even spoke of a ‘democratic holdup’ should this scenario occur. Green party leader Kristof Calvo said that the government would adorn, if that is the consensus of the parliament. CD&V leader Servais Verherstraeten said that ” the government to its constitutional role to play. We will with the government a common denominator must be found”.