New: Urban Trail for walkers


Nieuw: Urban Trail voor wandelaars

The neo-gothic gym of university of applied sciences Howest will serve as a point of departure and arrival

Following In the footsteps of the Urban Trail gets Bruges now also the very first city with an Urban Walk, suitable for hikers. ‘For walkers is the perception even more important.’

A journey through Bruges and its buildings: runners can do it in a few years. And now hikers with Urban Walk their own event on 2 June. It is a new concept that has grown from Brugge Urban Trail, which for the first time in 2013 took place.

“That was from the beginning a great success, and also more and more hikers asked to take part. That we have also made possible, but in doing so we encountered a number of limitations, ” says Greg Broekmans of Golazo, the organization behind the event.

“There were organizational limitations, because there is a big difference in the speed of the participants. In addition, runners and walkers also other needs. For a walker, the experience is much more important than for a runner.’

There is also a practical difference: for the walking event have streets not to be closed for traffic, for the participants to follow the traffic rules.


The Bruges town hall, where also a passage through the gothic hall is planned, is one of the ten buildings on the trail. The neo-gothic gym of university of applied sciences Howest is the point of departure and arrival. There, participants are first treated to a healthy breakfast, and upon arrival, they get a Brugse Zot. The participation fee for the walking event is twenty euro. In the first instance, there is place for three thousand participants.

Bruges is the first of a total of four cities this year to extract a Urban Walk. What are the three other cities will follow, is later published.