May connect the postponement of Brexit until after 30 June


May sluit uitstel van Brexit tot na 30 juni uit

Theresa May

It’s now or never. That was the message from Theresa May today in 10 Downing Street. She was particularly hard for the British members of parliament. “The parliament has done everything to not to decide.’

In 10 Downing Street has Theresa May has just issued a statement, after a long day full of twists and turns about the Brexit. May asked earlier today in a letter to the EU to postpone the Brexit to 30 June.

“I think this delay is very unfortunate. I find it very sad that Britain is not the EU is moving on march 29. (…) The audience has had enough. You are tired of members of parliament only, but on the Brexit talk while you have real concerns. You want it to be over, and I want that too, ” said May.

Then, she turned her arrows on the members of parliament, who, in her eyes, but what they don’t want, and not what they want. “You have motion after motion voted down. It is high time that we decide. It is now up to the members of parliament. They want to leave the EU with a deal which jobs protects us again control over our laws and our country? They want no deal leave the EU? Or do they want in the EU continue, with the risk of damage to the democracy?’

The main held May through to the end. “I’m not willing to make the Brexit further than 30 June.’ They connect as the option that – if the parliament next week again and say no to the scheidingsakkoord – longer delay would ask the EU.

“For some that I longer delay to ask for,” she says. “To politicians, and even longer to talk about their options. That means I have European elections, would organize three years after we have decided for the EU to leave. What signal would we give? Some want a second referendum. That want you and I don’t. We have the you already asked and you replied. We want it to be going forward, and there I will make sure of that.’

May tries so yet again the knife on the throat of the members of parliament: it is now vote for her deal or leave the EU without agreement on march 29.