‘Just in the mood for someone to rip’: punishment with postponement for three young people


‘Gewoon zin om iemand af te rippen’: straf met uitstel voor drie jongeren

The criminal court has four young people found guilty for injuring and stealing from a man who them on the street crossed. Three of them get three-year delay, a fourth comes away with a community service of 120 hours. A fifth offender should be for the juvenile court judge to appear.

The five looked on december 9, 2018 in Bornem with the car to a random victim. They had discussed beforehand that ‘would be nice’ to someone, to injure, to beat and rob. Their 27-year-old victim was at the time of the facts, drunken, and therefore defenceless. He received heavy blows and kicks, and was of his wallet and mobile phone pocket. The five fled when the police passed by reed.

They could all be arrested. The young people minimaliseerden the facts. They had to own say ‘simply meaning’ to be someone ‘ripping’. Those plans would no longer exist, but they would still not rather to the action.

The judges called the behaviour of the young people ‘crapuleus’. The boys – all 18 or 20 years – have no explanation for their behavior. Their lawyers asked for community service but that took the court to light punishment. “These facts are a evidence of an aggressive, antisocial and egocentric attitude in the society,” she said. ‘We hope that you will your whole life thinking about what has happened here, the fact that the victim’s life has been released is a wonder to name a few. I hope that you’ll find drawing lessons and here in this courthouse, never a foot have binnenzetten.’