Inconvenience and delays at Zaventem airport by strike action at Skeyes


Hinder en vertragingen op Zaventem door stakingsacties bij Skeyes

The actions of the air traffic controllers at Skeyes, the former Belgocontrol, also hold Wednesday night. With delays as a result.

The strike action in the control centre Canac2 caused by Tuesday delays for air traffic. Air traffic controllers strike or have called in sick. In the night from Tuesday on Wednesday between half past one and quarter to four no air traffic possible by the actions. Especially service were affected. Also woensdagvoormiddag there was any obstruction.

But also the next few hours to keep the actions so. To what extent the nuisance will cause is not yet clear. That depends on how many air traffic controllers not showing up, it sounds. Also, Wednesday night will be the actions likely to continue to persist, it is expected that at Skeyes.

Brussels Airlines ensures the action of the air traffic controllers for a lot of affected, with delays of 50 minutes to 120 minutes per flight.