Finns are again the happiest


Finnen zijn opnieuw het gelukkigst


Finland is well ahead of the country where the citizens are happiest seem to have, as is apparent from the ‘World Happiness Report’ of the United Nations, which on Wednesday was presented.

Just as last year, is Finland at the top in the ranking of 156 countries on the basis of the happiness of their citizens and their subjective well-being. Finland let Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands behind him. Switzerland is on place six, followed by Sweden, New Zealand, Canada and Austria.

Belgium falls in the seventh edition of the World Happiness Report two places and is now on the eighteenth place. We have more neighbours, Great Britain, Luxembourg and Germany overtake it, but still just for the United States.

The inhabitants of South Sudan are the least fortunate. Also the Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Tanzania and Rwanda dangle in the back.

Also happy migrants

The researchers identify six factors that the total geluksscore determine: gross national product per capita, life expectancy, social support, freedom to levenskeuzes, generosity, and perceived corruption in the government and companies.

According to economist and co-author of the report, John Helliwell scores Finland on all fronts and it is not by chance that also the migrants there the happiest. Finns pay high taxes for a social safety net, they trust their government, they live in freedom and they are generous. “They give to each other. That is the kind of place where people want to live.’