Brussels Airlines removes flights by strike action


Brussels Airlines schrapt vluchten door stakingsacties

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The strike action of Skeyes lead to even more problems at the airports in our country. Brussels Airlines decided now to this afternoon at least ten flights to cancel at Brussels Airport.

Brussels Airlines takes the measure to even more delays later today. The cancelled flights have destinations in europe, where Brussels ‘ Airlines multiple times per day on flies. Lyon and Geneva, for example.

The delays walk heavily on, by the actions of an air traffic controller Skeyes. “Our flights know are currently delays of half an hour to 2.5 hours, but most of the delays in the direction of 2.5 hours,” says spokeswoman Kim Daenen. ‘All long-haul flights to know delays. There are a lot of missed connections.’

Brussels Airlines was given at 08.00 am to hear that at Zaventem airport but 15 flights per hour can depart and countries. Normally there are 39. The actions at Skeyes have a negative repercussions on the sector as a whole, sounds at Brussels Airlines.

Skeyes performs today, and the actions at the airports of Charleroi, Antwerp, Ostend and Liege. At the airport of Charleroi were Thursday, several departing flights delayed until after 09.00 hours.