Avalanche risk in the Room: these laws are still on the end of approved


Lawinegevaar in de Kamer: deze wetten worden nog op de valreep goedgekeurd

The completion of payments was approved.

Cheaper e-books, an oath for bankers or faster alimony and child support. A tsunami of new laws are these days at the last minute approved, often with a direct impact on the citizen.

‘Divorced.’ That is often in official documents of persons whose marriage spoke ran. Citizens who their life partner is lost, is that ‘widow’ or …

‘Divorced.’ That is often in official documents of persons whose marriage spoke ran. Citizens who their life partner is lost, is that ‘widow’ or ‘widower’. Many experienced as stigmatizing.

Soon that will change. This morning, the parliamentary Committee of Internal Affairs in a law that makes it possible for that status again in the neutral ‘unmarried’ to change. Under the liberals, the N-VA and the socialists voted for CD&V was up against.

The measure is the latest in a series of new laws which are currently in high tempo by the parliament to be hunted. Due to the lack of a full-fledged government, often with a makeshift majority.

There are very serious laws, such as the approval of the support mechanism for fired gas plants. But many, often smaller, measures have direct impact on the citizen. Today and in the coming weeks, the parliament adopted by voting.

Lower vat on e-books, digital newspapers, and (electric) bicycles

Lawinegevaar in de Kamer: deze wetten worden nog op de valreep goedgekeurd

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Paper newspapers are exempt from vat, but that was not the case for digital. Zero is now also applicable to them. In addition, the vat reduced on e-books of 21 to 6 percent, as high as that for paper books.

At the same time was also a PS-bill approved that the vat on the purchase of a bicycle, electric or not, decreases from 21 to 6 percent. The PS adds, however, that the European Commission for that measure, her consent is to be given.

An oath for bankers

Who starts as an employee with credit institutions, must henceforth be a personal declaration of commitment to travel that she or he is the prevailing ethical standards will be complied with. The act also provides that the financial sector itself, a code of ethics prepares, with which compliance is done through a disciplinary scheme.

To the Dutch model as the bankers subject to rules similar to those of doctors or lawyers. Almost all parties voted for the green proposal, except the N-VA. At the mouth of Febelfin, the financial sector a lot of criticism on the scheme, including because the proposal, banks would discriminate against listed companies or financial planners.

Family pension for the self-employed with a partner from public sector

When one of both partners of a couple if ex-employee no or low other pension income, that pension refuse and ask for the pension of the partner, with a quarter increase. That so-called family pension is now also possible for self-employed workers with a (former)civil servant as a partner.

Smes are no longer penalized for earning low wages, business leaders

To enjoy a reduced corporate income tax of twenty percent, managers must of at least 45,000 euros earn. That was by the current government in the reform of the corporate income tax is determined. The measure should avoid that business leaders are especially to cash out through a private company.

Who a lower compensation provides, a penalty of five percent of pay. The measure came across a lot of resistance in Wallonia, where the smes are on average smaller than in Flanders. A bill of the PS was yesterday adopted, by which the penalty is dropped for companies which do not meet the loonvereiste meet.

Tax relief on legal expenses insurance

Whom a legal protection insurance is shutting down, protecting itself against the costs of the procedure and the fees of the lawyer. Because the financial threshold for the exit to high would be located, was proposed by CD&l for a tax deduction on the premiums of insurance.

The Committee approved yesterday a tax credit to a good forty percent to a maximum of 310 euro per year. The highest tax deduction for the tax year 2020 will therefore be 124 euros.

Abolition of the coins of one and two euro cents

When a payment is made in cash will stores the total amount required to round down to the nearest number of five cents, yesterday decided. Until now it was optional. In this way there should be less use of the ‘red light’ pennies, which is still a valid payment method to continue. As of december 1, shall enter the scheme in operation.

Ivory trade restricted

Lawinegevaar in de Kamer: deze wetten worden nog op de valreep goedgekeurd

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The penalties for ivoorsmokkel, on a proposal from the N-VA is increased. The in – and export of raw ivory is in principle forbidden. That is also true for processed ivory, except for a few exceptions. For example, the still for transactions between museums, as the ivory dates from before 1947. Also, it can be for objects of that date which comprise less than a fifth ivory.

No personal income tax on transfer of leasehold

A lot of municipalities don’t want valuable sites, such as old monasteries or in the school buildings sell, but they give in lease, to redesignate or to have it restored. But the price that residents were that the ground lease wanted to sell, was subject to the personal income tax. For an ordinary real estate sale that is not true. An approved bill of the N-VA attracts both situations right now.

More help in the absence of maintenance

When a separated couple, the payment of alimony and child support is not forthcoming, the Authority further sums to pay in advance. But that only applies when the beneficiary up to 1.800 euros net earn. That ceiling is a proposal from CDH now raised to 2.200 euro. So would a total of 11,000 children indirectly to be able to rely on the advances.

More windmills on the North sea

Lawinegevaar in de Kamer: deze wetten worden nog op de valreep goedgekeurd

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In the North sea by 2026, an additional wind farm of more than 280 square kilometers, accounting for one-fifth of the Belgian demand for electricity. In the parliamentary Committee yesterday, a scheme was approved that the project will assign to the company that has the least subsidies is needed. With that method, which is in line with public procurement, hopes minister of the North sea Philippe De Backer (Open VLD), no public funds need to spend.