All 90,000 euros raised for victims of Utrecht


Al 90.000 euro ingezameld voor slachtoffers Utrecht

Flowers for the victims

A fundraising campaign for the funeral of one of the victims of the deadly shooting rampage in Utrecht has exceeded all expectations. The money will now be distributed to all the victims and their relatives.

A neighbor of the 19-year-old Rose, that the shooting at a tram in Utrecht Monday morning, has not survived, has launched a fundraising campaign for the funeral expenses of the girl. “My neighbor has the not wide. To prevent more financial worries will get through this unfair death of his daughter, I would like to support, ” wrote Martje Beniest-Kleppe in the call.

There was massive hearing indicated and the goal of 2,500 euros was effortlessly exceeded. The counter is now on over 90,000 euro, and the donations are still within.

The woman has therefore decided to use the money to create a foundation for all victims and survivors of the shooting incident. In addition to three dead, there were also five wounded. “We will work with victim support Netherlands work together to make the money on the right place to get’, it sounds.