Zwaarbewolkte day, but dry


 Zwaarbewolkte dag, maar droog

Wednesday draws a weak disturbance slowly from the west to the east by the land. In the morning it is partly to remain cloudy. In the west there is a chance of some mist or fog. Elsewhere there are temporarily opklaringen. In the course of the day, the anywhere remain cloudy, but remains dry.

The maxima fluctuate between 9 degrees on the Ardennes heights and 14 degrees in the west, predicts the RMI.

Wednesday night remains peaceful, but usually remain cloudy to be involved in the west and central with chance of mist or fog. South of the river Sambre and the Meuse are the opklaringen wider. The minima lie between -1 degree on the High Fens, 5 to 6 degrees in the centre and 8 degrees to the sea.

Thursday remains peaceful and dry. In the west and centre of the country usually remain cloudy to be involved, and in the morning there may be local also miss hang. In the southeast of the country, we get a wide opklaringen. The maxima fluctuate between 12 and 15 degrees.

Friday is pretty beautiful after the acceleration of any ochtendgrijs. It is quite sunny and mild, with a maximum between 14 and 17 degrees.

Saturday will temporarily remain cloudy as a weak disturbance from the northwest to the southeast by the country attracts. Locally, there may also be some light rain or drizzle fall. The ceilings are hovering around 14 degrees in the center.

Sunday is the first remain cloudy with a chance of some rain, but gradually, we expect more opklaringen and it is dry. The maxima fluctuate around 11 to 12 degrees in the center.