Why John Crombez suddenly, the Tinder is


Waarom John Crombez plots op Tinder zit

“We have a plan, a singlesplan.’ With that slogan focuses SP.A in a new campaign are arrows on singles who the serious financial have. To that audience, makes the party use of the datingapp Tinder.

‘Who’s single and “ready to mingle” is of course on the Tinder. Therefore, the app is the perfect place to have our plan in place, ” says Conner Rousseau, head of social media at the SP.A and is itself one of the faces that you are on Tinder you can find.

‘The number of people living alone rises dramatically. In some cities, four out of ten households are single. In 2060, will that be the half. Especially in Belgium just which group the financial hardship.’ The so-called ‘singlesplan’ will therefore focus on, among others, pensions and energy. “We want to provide a basic package for gas and electricity, but also focus on retirement savings. The numbers of Test-aankoop reveals that 59 percent of the. Belgians have difficulty to save.’

One of the socialists to the right swipet, can also chat a store. “If there is a match out, you can start talking. This time not about cows and calves, but about politics.’

SP.A displays later this week for more details about the singlesplan.