Theresa May will be only a short postponement of the Brexit questions


Theresa May zal slechts om kort uitstel van de Brexit vragen

The British prime minister Theresa May on the European summit Thursday in Brussels, only a short postponement of the Brexit questions. European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker does not expect the European heads of state and government this week, will reply to that request.

It was a spokesman for Theresa May who Wednesday morning confirmed that the May Thursday, just to give a brief postponement of the Brexit will ask. To when, exactly, is still unclear: in the corridors already sounds longer that sometime in June would be.

In any case, there is therefore again a question of a change of direction. A week ago, May have said that if the house of Commons this week its Brexit-deal for the third time would not approve, they more or less would be obliged to a long postponement to ask, possibly even in 2021.

That approval came there again, although for the simple reason that parliament speaker John Bercow on Monday made it clear that it does not allow is for a previously rejected proposal to continue to submit to the representatives of the people.

That May now still be only a short delay, asks, she does, according to the British newspaper The Guardian to be a rebellion within her party of Brexiteers the bud to nip. Who are like the dead for a long respite, because they fear that that will ultimately lead to adjustment.

Next week?

European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker does not expect the European heads of state and government this week, a definite answer will give a delay of the British departure from the European Union. That he has sat morning indicated in an interview with the German radio station Deutschlandfunk.

‘That may surprise you, but I think that this week no decision will be. Probably we will meet next week again to see, because May has in its government and parliament about an agreement.’


With a delay to all European leaders to agree. Chief negotiator Michel Barnier gave Tuesday, the Europeans, the British no extension will provide as London is not a ‘concrete plan’ can refer to an organized departure with an agreement can lead to.

The United Kingdom would initially on march 29, departing from the European Union, but the British parliament has still not behind the terugtrekkingsakkoord gathered that prime minister Theresa May last year with its European counterparts closed. At the same time, a large majority of that parliament, a departure without the agreement excluded.