Therefore, The Weaver of ‘yogasnuivers’


Daarom had De Wever het over ‘yogasnuivers’

A line of cocaine: no problem of principle for the ‘yogasnuiver’

‘I worse me rot to the “yogasnuivers” that there is apparently no difficulty with that she is a criminal chain gang”, said Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever on Tuesday at the presentation of the additional measures in tackling the drugs problem. This term refers to he drug temporarily their principles aside. But the strange word finds its origin in a wrong translation.

It is not The Weaver itself to use the term coined. By our neighbors is the word already somewhat established. It ended up there last year, even as second in the election of ‘word of the year’. Van Dale defines it as follows:

Someone who is generally healthy and conscious lives, but now and then, e.g. in the nightlife, goes outside to party drugs and cocaine.

Someone who is usually on sturdy principles statements, but sets aside for itself to outside to be able to go to drugs.

The term resurfaced in the Netherlands for the first time after a keynote speech of Erik Akerboom, the head of the Dutch police. In april of last year he had about the ‘normalisation’ of drug use in his country, and he fetched according to the popular newspaper De Telegraaf to the ‘yogasnuivers’. Highly educated persons in their twenties and thirties seek an ultra healthy life after the week but on the weekends drunk and take cocaine and various other pills. In this way, drug use is normalized. Romanticized.’

Wrong translation

A not unimportant detail that the foreign sound of the word ‘yogasnuiver’ declares: Akerboom has that word not pronounced. He held the speech in English, and had it in there about ” cocaine yogi’, I noticed, Ton den Boon, the editor-in-chief of Dale on shortly after the word first appeared. A term that Akerboom not itself has thought up, but in the English for more than ten years, pops up.

Other Dutch newspapers have opted for translations like ‘cocaïneyogi’s’, which is still somewhat makes sense. But it is the foreign translation of The Telegraaf, ‘yogasnuiver’, that was nominated as word of the year, and now also introduced in Flanders.