The role of the agency in the online times?


De rol van het reisbureau in online tijden?

“As a travel agent, do you want to know where the pearls are that your customers are satisfied.” (Laurent Van Lierde, travel agent)

A travel agency that in the current digital era persists and even grows? Welcome aboard for Voyages Van Lierde from Ganshoren. An agency that does not let themselves be deterred by online bookings. “The human contact is re-valued”, it sounds there.

The story of the Voyages Of Lierde start in 1995 in Ganshoren. Father Van Lierde who spent years as commercial director at a large travel agency had been and due to a restructuring, his job lost, decided together with his son, Laurent Van Lierde a travel agency from the ground pounding. “I was working for an American airline. It was a job that I like doing and me also the opportunity to travel a lot,” says Laurent. “However, I chose to take the big step to convert and a private travel agency with my father. His years of experience and my young ‘sturm und drang’ seemed to us an ideal combination.”

It was already a start-up that a lot of effort early on. The competition was great. There was 9/11, which the travel industry by each other nervously. And of course there was also the advent of the internet which made it possible for all by yourself and therefore, without the intervention of a travel agent – your travel online to book.


Notwithstanding the massive increase in online bookings continue to be passengers on Voyages Of Lierde’s door. What is the added value they can as a travel agency offer in times in which you with a simple click of the mouse, you seat on a plane or in your hotel room can make a reservation?

“On the internet, there is an overkill of information. Your way in that jungle to find, cost a lot of time. Through our experience and contacts within the sector we can offer our customers a lot of time to save. That time is for many people worth its weight in gold. Another point that our customers appreciate, is that they – when something goes wrong – will always be with us to talk to for advice and support. With a travel agent, you do so not only for. Especially in case of a strike or cancellation, this is a plus.”

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