Teachers unions expect the biggest strike in years: ‘The bucket runs over’


Onderwijsvakbonden verwachten grootste staking in jaren: ‘De emmer loopt over’

The trade unions expect that Wednesday will fully be discontinued in education, from nursery education up to higher education. ‘This is clear from all the signals we from the site have received’, it sounds.

The Christelijke Onderwijscentrale (COC) says that there are reasons to discontinue: of not fulfilled promises in connection with the pension up to the increased workload, the lack of public participation in the implementation of the modernisation, the loopbaandebat that with a damp squib threatens to walk, the question of the appropriate diplomavereisten that are slowly released are likely to be to the problems around the (un)attractiveness of the job. “Those are all reasons to Wednesday, the work to lay down,” says Koen Van Kerkhoven, secretary-general of the COC.

“The bucket is overflowing,” says Marnix Heyndrickx, chairman of the VSOA-Onderwijs. “The educators buckling under the increased pressure of work and reforms of all kinds. Among young people leads to a drop in the elderly to resignation or depression and burn-out. Just look at the figures of absenteeism. I suggest this strike a huge willingness to strike.’

What the pre-primary and primary education is concerned, Marianne Coopman, secretary general of the Christian Onderwijzersverbond, the signal within that one in two teachers will strike. “There is a lot of engagement to strike. Even more so in education than in primary education, ” says Coopman. ‘The teachers strike, because they want the next Flemish government the necessary investments instead of more on education to save. In addition, we also provide for workable work, because, by the M-decree, by the diversity and the zorgdruk grows the need for more supervision and more operational resources.’

Also management discontinue

Also Nancy Libert, secretary general of Acod Education determines that the stakingsbereidheid large. “We see that the stakingsbereidheid in the different provinces between 50 and 75 percent. Certainly, in the primary runs that willingness to 75 percent. Many schools will dichtblijven. Also many boards to know that they are participating in the strike, ” says Nancy Libert.

“What most worries, is that the teachers are not the zorgnoden able to comply, both because of the M-decree, but also because many other children with special needs sit. And a second complaint is that often recurs in the teaching staff is that the work and the private completely through each other. Many teachers complain that they are also at home a lot with schoolwork busy.”

Next government

The action is not so much a complaint at the address of the minister of Education Hilde Crevits, but focuses in the first place, to the government after the elections of may 26, the power will come.

“We give a warning to the next minister of Education,” says Heyndrickx of the liberal union VSOA. ‘All education services cease: there have been many boards indicated that they will participate, and also CLB’s and administrative staff put the work down.’